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Folly Beach Parks

Folly Beach Fishing Pier

Folly Beach Fishing Pier

101 E Arctic Ave
Folly Beach, SC
(843) 762-9516

Get ready to experience Folly Beach’s most breathtaking landmark. The Folly Beach Fishing Pier stretches an impressive 1045 feet out into the Atlantic Ocean and at 25 feet wide and 23 feet above sea level the pier is the second longest on the east coast.

Morris Island Lighthouse

1750 E Ashley Ave
Folly Beach, SC
(843) 633-0099

This lighthouse is over 100 years old and is the third lighthouse to occupy its space just off the coast of Folly Beach. Construction began in 1872 and the lighthouse was first used in 1876.

Folly Beach County Park

1100 W Ashley Ave
Folly Beach, SC
(843) 762-9960

The Folly Beach County Park offers a swimming area open to the general public and includes amenities such as concessions, a picnic area, open-air gathering space and restrooms.

Folly River Park

The corner of E Indian Ave and Center St
Folly Beach, SC

Come for the view or maybe cast a line or two. The Folly River Park is the perfect place for a little time with nature. Plenty of walking paths, water bottle refill stations, swings and bathrooms available.

Pirate’s Cove Playground

510 E Erie Ave
Folly Beach, SC

This park includes a basketball court and skate park combo, as well as a tennis court, pickleball court, and playground area themed for Folly Beach with pirates, boats and the lighthouse slide.

Wave Watch Playground

W Cooper Ave
Folly Beach, SC
(843) 588-2447

This completely enclosed playground offers an abundance of swings, see-saws, slides and more. Located in the park is a covered gazebo perfect for birthday parties and small gatherings.

Shadow Race Park

Shadow Race Ln
Folly Beach, SC

Activities such as ladybug releases, bird watchIng, walking, relaxing and reading a book on the pergola benches, exploring the history of the battery that is on the grounds, and enjoying the landscaping make this park perfect for a calm and relaxing day.

Best Parks Around Folly Beach, SC

With so many parks near Folly Beach and Charleston, you may pack a picnic and enjoy a leisurely day with friends, family, or even yourself, watching the sunset over Folly Beach.

  1. Shadow Race Park- This is the perfect spot for bird-watching and encountering ladybugs.
  2. Wave Watch Playground- This ideal place for birthdays and other celebrations offers a covered pavilion beside the ocean.
  3. Pirate’s Cove Playground- Keeping a pirate theme, this park is a must for people who enjoy outdoor sports such as basketball and tennis.
  4. Folly River Park- The best place to connect with nature while swaying on a swing along the horizon.

         5. Folly Beach County Park- The perfect place to swim away to your heart’s content. The Eastern Brown Pelican Rookery is a must-visit.

Most Recommended Parks for Visit in Folly Beach

With the aid of our carefully curated list of Folly Beach Parks, spend your day exploring the best outdoor spaces Folly Beach amd Charleston have to offer.

  • Hone your swimming skills and admire the Brown Pelicans at the Folly Beach County Park.
  • A home to ladybugs and diverse birds, Shadow Race Park is the best place to spend some time in solitude.
  • Folly River Park offers several walking pathways so that you can blend in with nature.
  • Swings, see-saws, slides, and other play equipment are abundant on the enclosed Wave Watch Playground.
  • In addition to a basketball court, tennis court, and playground area, the Pirate’s Cove Playground has a lighthouse slide and sports a pirate theme, attracting many tourists.

· Special attractions- Morris Island Lighthouse and Folly Beach Fishing Pier